Monthly Archives: February 2014

BMW 320D – Quality Fuel?

Over the last 18 – 24 months we have seen an increase of associated diesel problems in our workshop. Rough lumpy running cars, emission problems, black death, sensor problems, DPF’s (Diesel Particulate Filters), EGR’s (Exhaust Gas Re-circulation units) Shut off Valves to name a few. All these parts/symptoms have a common denominator Diesel Fuel! Fuels have a percentage of bio Continue Reading...
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Mercedes- Benz E320 CDI – Top & Bottom

Images of a Mercedes – Benz E320 CDI.Vehicle was presented to us for a Gearbox Service and a puffing, whooshing noise when on tickover, plus a smell of diesel inside the car. The gearbox service was relatively straight forward but the “Black Death” on the cylinder head, due to the copper seals on three of the injectors leaking, always takes Continue Reading...
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