Timing Belt

Your timing belt is the heart of your engine – they allow the cam and crankshafts to work together and if they fail it can cause extensive damage and mean a hefty repair bill.

Timing belt (or camshaft belt as it is sometimes called) is the most important service item on your vehicle.  A timing belt kit comprises of not just the belt but all the other items i.e. relay rollers, tensioners, tensioning damper.  We only fit Genuine water pumps which come with a 2 year warranty.  The coolant we use (anti freeze) is the VAG Genuine concentrate G13.

There is a lot of confusion regarding replacement intervals of timing belts.  Audi/ VW say 4 years or sooner on high mileage vehicles.

Being able to inspect your belt without total removal is also an impossibility.  You cannot see the entire belt or check the condition of every tooth without the belt in your hand.  The only guide lines we work on are those of knowledge, experience and data.

In our experience we advise 4 years or 60,000 miles as we have seen belts snap, tensioners seize up, relay rollers fall to pieces and water pumps collapse above this mileage.  This is dependent on engine size, engine code and some later VAG vehicles introduced 80,000 miles or 4 years.  Some of the later VAG vehicles are recorded in the service books as requiring a belt change at 115,000 miles!

We only use Original Equipment Manufacturer belt kits which include the tensioners, any relay idlers, tensioning damper and the belt itself. We always replace the water pump (if driven by the belt) and only ever use Genuine Manufacturer water pumps.  When we replace the water pump the coolant system is drained and the additive replaced with Genuine Audi/Volkswagen G13 coolant additive, which is capable of withstanding temperatures of minus 36 degrees Centigrade.

All the above items are included in our price.  If you are contacting other garages for costs please ensure you receive a “like for like” quotation asking the repairer “what is fitted/included in the price”.

The details for mileage and interval replacement of your timing belt are located in your service book.  Alternatively, call us on 0114 242 4455 with your vehicles details and we will confirm the replacement interval and total cost for you.