Translated as ‘the people’s car’ the Volkswagen is just that; robust, reliable, stylish and very popular. But even the formidable VW needs a regular service, our experts are always on hand to carry out a high quality service on a large variety of Volkswagen cars.

A Brief History of Volkswagen

Founded in 1937 by Ferdinand Porsche (who also founded Porsche in 1931) and the Deutsche Arbeitsfront, the Volkswagen was a car designed for the working man. Production suffered massively towards the end of WWII when its factories were destroyed by allied bombing, but you can’t keep a good car down and Volkswagen have continued to grow and grow. Today it enjoys a huge global presence – particularly in the form of the ever-popular and award-winning Golf.

Volkswagen Car Service

You can expect a professional service when you bring your car to autotecnic. Our competitive prices mean that, when it’s time to pay, the only surprise you’ll receive is a pleasant one.