We only use Genuine or OEM parts, in addition we only use the brand oils, Shell, Mobil, Castrol & Fuchs,  we have full direct support from the suppliers.

autotecnic continually invest in the latest diagnostic equipment using Dealer systems i.e. VAG, Mercedes Star, BMW Autologics and Bosch KTS.

Specialist tooling to carry out repairs using manufacturers such as Klann, Gedore, Hazet, Stahlwille, AST and Snap-On are all used in our workshop.  All of which allow us to supply an efficient comprehensive and quality service.

So we have you covered all the way.

About Us

autotecnic team

autotecnic are a family business with over 35 years experience comprising of a Father & Son partnership.

Staff include a Bosch Master Technician, a fully Skilled IMI Technician and a former After Sales Director for BMW SA who on returning to the UK worked as a RASOM for Mercedes Benz. Which all come to provide a wealth of technical knowledge and experience.

autotecnic work in conjunction with Dealer Manufacturers, tooling experts and industry partners. To gain substantial knowledge enabling us to provide the best service within our marketplace.

Call now to discuss your cars needs directly with the technician and compare our prices, we will not be knowingly undersold.

“There is no Myth or Magic to proper maintenance, it’s quite simply well engineered parts fitted correctly”

We specialise in Engine Management Diagnostics & Computerised Wheel Alignment for all German Cars.


Is your vehicle under manufacturers warranty?

A commonly asked question these days is can you service my vehicle while it is still under warranty, the short answer is YES we can, but there are some rules we must abide by.

The results of a ruling by The Office of Fair Trading and the new European Block Exemption Regulations became effective in November 2003. This means that because we will maintain your vehicle to the MANUFACTURERS SERVICE SCHEDULE your warranty WILL NOT BE AFFECTED.

In short these are, we must carry out all of the service items that would have been done by the main dealer at the service interval, and we must use parts of a quality that meets the standards of the OEM part.

When completed the service book is stamped and a VAT invoice supplied showing the parts used and work carried out. This does not affect your Manufacturers warranty.

There are some cases where a Dealer supplies their own warranty and a condition of that warranty is that the vehicle is serviced at that dealership, in this case you would have to go to them for servicing for the period of the warranty.