BMW E90 318 SE – Service

This week we were presented with a 2007 BMW 318SE.  The customer requested a Service, brakes to be looked at (brake pad warning lights were illuminated) handbrake adjustment, door mechanism on drivers door faulty and an MOT. The car’s previous services had been conducted by a BMW Dealer and local garage. The BMW had done just over 54000 miles.  Our Technician placed the pre oil drain treatment in the vehicle prior to road testing the car, back to workshop, car on ramp and oil drain.  On unscrewing the plastic oil filter housing that he noted was extremely tight, he found an excessively deteriorated oil filter element.  The filter element was in such a bad condition it disintegrated from the plastic housing section (they normally pull out with the housing).  It was obvious to the skilled eye that the filter element had not been changed for a very, very long time. We cannot emphasize how important it is to have an oil and filter change, realistically, ever year or 12000 miles.  It’s fact, some German cars will do 18000 – 20000 miles, sometimes more miles without a problem!  But you never see the condition of the oil we drain from the sump even when we have used the pre oil drain treatments!  The sludge even blocks our oil draining equipment. A pre oil drain treatment, OEM oil filter with the correct premium oil will make your engine sound quieter, enabling better performance, and prolong the life of your engine, looking after your investment.

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