Mercedes- Benz E320 CDI – Top & Bottom

Images of a Mercedes – Benz E320 CDI.Mercedes- Benz E320 CDI - Top & BottomVehicle was presented to us for a Gearbox Service and a puffing, whooshing noise when on tickover, plus a smell of diesel inside the car.

The gearbox service was relatively straight forward but the “Black Death” on the cylinder head, due to the copper seals on three of the injectors leaking, always takes time and patience to clean thoroughly.

Our technicians have a relatively fool proof way to clean this “Black Death” off, still a filthy operation to get it clean but on completion it looked as clean as the gearbox did. New copper washers, clean injectors, injector seats re-cut, new injector clamp bolts and threads cleaned & re-tapped.  Using our proven pre oil drain cleansing treatment a quick oil & filter change and the job was completed.

Car road tested sounded 100% better and changed gear smoother.

Customer was happy, job well done!

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