Mercedes C Class squeak – vibration when braking

The driver of this 2008 Mercedes C Class was complaining about a squeak and vibration when braking and on full lock.  After an initial road test we place the car on our lift for a closer inspection.

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You can clearly see the aluminium (caster) arm on the left has a de-bonded bush. The other suspension (camber) arm has a deteriorated inner bush where the bush casing has started to crumble with age, the inner bushing (dark area) had excessive movement.  There is a modified bush and protective covers now available from Mercedes for the caster arm.  These bushes can be replaced providing you have the correct pressing tools.  We use our Klann tool for this type of repair operation.

The camber arm is replaced as a complete unit, bushes being unavailable.  On completion of the suspension work it is paramount to ensure the wheel geometry is correct and within manufacturers specification.  This is carried out on our Supertracker laser alignment system.

Our final road test provided evidence that the the car was now noise free and driving as a Mercedes should be.

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