Pre oil drain treatments – do they work?

When customers present their car for any service that includes draining the oil we will always try to discuss the benefits of using a pre oil drain treatment prior to carrying out this operation.

It’s important to drain the oil when it’s at it’s highest temperature, but more important to use an internal cleaning product to ensure the removal of the majority of the contaminants i.e. carbon deposits, gumming, varnish and other harmful substances your engine produces.

We have used many different products in the past. Our best practice has proved great results from the current pre oil drain treatment we use. This is poured into the engine oil prior to servicing the vehicle. When the oil is at its hottest temperature the oil treatment aids the process of detaching all the harmful toxins within the engines oil ways and moving parts ensuring they are deposited via the sump.

This process can take up to 20 minutes. Our best results have been produced by placing the product in the engine prior to conducting the initial road test. On returning to the workshop, immediately place the car on the lift and then drain the oil whilst it’s hot.

Pre oil drain treatments – do they work

The image above (rocker box removed) is the upper section of the cylinder head from a BMW E39 525i covering over 78K miles. We have serviced this vehicle using our treatment products for some years now. The owner informs us he is happy with the MPG, it’s never failed it’s emissions on a MOT, the vehicles performance is terrific!

The internal cleanliness of this engine speaks for itself!

Our treatment products are not expensive, definitely worth the money, but you decide.

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