2.0 TDI Audi A3 Clutch noise?

Earlier this year a major service was carried out by our Service Technician on this Audi A3. Our Technician had initially road tested the car and reported a noise from the gearbox area.  His job card recorded “possible dual mass flywheel needs further investigation”.  On collection of the car this was documented to the customer.

Some five months after the car came back in with a loud banging noise on tickover and was worse when operating the clutch.  Gearbox removed this is what was discovered, a totally obliterated clutch and dual mass flywheel (as can be seen in the video above).

Audi A3 Clutch


A new OEM dual mass flywheel & bolts with complete clutch (plus bolts), VAG modified release bearing, clutch fork, gearbox housing cleaned had the car back together in no time.

It drives “sweet” was my Technician’s reply from his road test.

The customer review, “it drives like a new car, thanks”.

Our Technician’s final comment, “Your so lucky it didn’t damage the gearbox”.

One of the worst clutch & dual mass flywheel cases we’ve seen to date.

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